Tools of Authority Marketing for Your Consulting Business

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People hire business consultants because they’relooking for an expert. It doesn’t matter how manybooks they’ve read or interviews they’ve watched.They want a real person who can come into theirindependent medical or dental practice, identify chokepoints, and provide concrete, workable solutions totheir problems. They want someone who is smart,friendly, and authoritative. They want you.There’s one problem with this scenario. You know thatyou have the unique skills and knowledge necessary tohelp your clients excel in today’s tough environment.You can help their practice remain independent, teachthem to give their patients an excellent customerexperience, and train their staff so that everyone workstogether cheerfully and efficiently.However, your prospective clients don’t know that. Theworld is full of consultants. Your typical dentist, doctor,or practice manager can’t judge which consultants aretrue experts from a glossy brochure or a table in anexhibit hall. To set yourself apart from the crowd, youneed to prove that you have something to offer,something that’s worth the trouble of hiring you. Youneed to learn to market with authority.

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