How to hire a full scale creative team without the drama (or the price tag)

If you have ever shared an interesting article on Facebook, ‘liked’ an image on Instagram or signed up for an e-newsletter to receive the ‘Recipe of the Week’ from your favorite food blogger you are participating in content marketing.

If you are a consultant or business owner and have ever written (or even considered writing) for a trade journal or wished to be featured for your expertise on a prominent blog or online news source, you get it. You understand that 21st century marketing is not about leaflets and BLOW OUT SALES!!!! It is about building trust with people. It is about relationships.

Off-line, we build trust in our relationships by showing up when we say we will, contributing something of value to the other person, being honest, being kind, being caring and having fun. The same thing is true for building online relationships with customers or prospects; and custom content is the medium through which the relationship is built.

Executives know they should be in the custom content business:

“CMOs at the largest technology companies report that building out content marketing as an organizational competency is the 2nd most important initiative, only behind measuring ROI.” (IDC).

Smart people know they need to do it to stay relevant and create buzz about their brand. However, there are 5 major challenges that prevent many businesses from keeping up:

Top 5 content marketing challenges:

  • Lack of Time/Bandwidth to Create Content (51%);

  • Producing Enough Content Variety/Volume (50%);

  • Producing Truly Engaging Content (42%);

  • Measuring Content Effectiveness (38%);

  • Developing Consistent Content Strategy (34%), (LinkedIn Technology Marketing Community)

Most of the major players have hundreds of people working on content daily. They have dedicated teams who write, edit, video, record, and otherwise create engaging content day in and day out; and they pay for it. It is expensive to have a full-time team running the content creation and promotion arm of your marketing strategy. Smaller businesses or independent consultants are stuck between a dead blog and spammy e-blasts because they can’t afford a team, and try to do it themselves.   So for those of you that have been stuck, but want to get in the game, WellPut Custom Content and Design is here to tell your story. For a fraction of the cost of an in-house creative team, WellPut’s on-call creative team has all the expertise but only gets paid for the time they work for you. No health benefits, no smoke breaks, no paying for time spent making personal phone calls from the office. You get all the benefit without all the bullshit that comes with hiring employees. We value our flexibility and are therefore motivated to hit your deadlines compared to full-time Bill who has to sit in the chair 8 hours a day no matter what.

If you need to get in the content game, we are the team that can help you win the internet.

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