Behind the scenes: Developing a logo that will stop time

You may be wondering how we go about getting the perfect logo to represent our clients. I am not going to pretend we nail the design the first try. Typically clients come to us with little more than a name and sometimes a tagline.

To begin the process we ask clients to tell us to describe what they want their logo to convey. We ask for words like: Edgy, modern, elite, rustic, and techy. We also ask if there are certain colors they like or dislike. Then we develop 3 samples. Here is a recent client example from start to finish.

They wanted to incorporate a family crest in their logo and gave us: regal and professional. Here are several options from iteration 1:

After review, the client determined they wanted the family crest less of an interpretation and a bit more like the original. Here is iteration 2:

While we were getting closer to the clients vision, the logo was too dark. It also looked a bit strange with the two birds on either side. Iteration 3:

Collectively we decided the gray and black didn’t quite work, and the client also decided they wanted the shield to have overlapping W’s, so iteration 4:

We knew we were close with this one. But hadn’t quite nailed it; then after a terrible hand drawn idea we came up with iteration 5:

A few little tweaks to this final idea and we nailed the final design. The client LOVES it and so do we!

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