10 indications it is beyond time to outsource your content creation

If you are like most of our clients you are VERY good at what you do. So good in fact that you spend all of your time doing the thing you are good at. Your team is good at what they do and it is awesome. The only problem is you are spending so much time being amazing at what you do, you are missing a HUGE opportunity: letting others know how awesome you are.

We know we need to be publishing, writing whitepapers, sending out press releases and the like, but it just isn’t happening. If any of these 10 things are happening in your office, it might be time to think about outsourcing:

  1. If you have forgotten the password to get into the company blog

  2. If you have zero hours left in the day to write the article you know your industry needs

  3. If you have an overwhelming amount of material that can be transformed into great content, but no one has time to do it

  4. If “developing a content marketing calendar” has been on your to-do list for more than 6 months and has yet to be done

  5. If you have a bestselling book in the back of your mind, but blank every time you sit down to write

  6. If your website is old, boring, or does not work on a mobile device

  7. If you are a true leader in your industry but nobody knows your name

  8. If you don’t have the budget or energy to hire a full time team

  9. Your boss has been breathing down your neck to get on the content marketing train but you might actually die if you are tasked with one more project

  10. Your competitors are beating you badly when it comes to content creation and online sharing

We get it. It is too hard to do everything (or too expensive). That is where we come in. reduce your stress while accomplishing all your content creation goals. We will take care of you and help you let the world know just how awesome you are.

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